Steps and stairs

Steps and stairs made of natural stone – easy to clean, elegant and resistant

Steps and stairs have a hard life: they have to bear high heels, wet shoe soles, salt and heat. Materials such as wood are very sensitive and therefore often squeak and creak because the material starts to work when it gets into contact with heat, cold and moisture. Stairs and steps made of natural stone can be applied in interior and exterior design as natural stone is a material which is resistant to heat, water, chemicals, scratches and stains. They are resistant to mechanical damage and even strong impacts. What is more, stone stairs and steps are, in contrast to stairs made of wood or steel, long lasting and durable. They guarantee a long life with the right choice of material and quality production.

By a special treatment of the surface, the stone stair can be used for outdoor areas as well. The steps have an anti-slip effect; the surface is easy to clean and stays clean for a long time. Stone stairs look elegant and have an enormous advantage as they are made of one piece only. Therefore they do not have any gaps and cannot let water in.

Stairs made of natural stone are chic and they represent luxury and style. The rich colours allow limitless applications. All natural stone stairs and steps are nature in the essence and therefore individual and unique.

Buy a piece of nature, take your time and see for yourself.

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