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Kitchen worktops

Kitchen worktops made of natural stone – a natural and insusceptible product

Kitchen worktops made of natural stone are the central element in every kitchen and are to be found in almost every kitchen nowadays. Natural stone came into being millions of years ago and it has moved into modern households for quite some time and renders a unique and luxurious charme. The durability and unique style and aesthetics make the worktop definitely an eye catcher in every kitchen. Because of the wide choice of different stones such as granite, marble, quartzite, slate and artificial stone and diverse stone grains and colours we can produce kitchen worktops that are personal and unique and do not resemble any other worktop.

The advantages of worktops made of natural stone are numerous:
» easy to clean
» tough and hardwearing
» provide safe and hygienic surfaces (you can cut fruit and vegetables on the stone worktop)
» durable
» resistant to heat, water, chemicals, scratches, and stains
» moisture resistant
» odourless
» insusceptible

There is no alternative to the best. Come around and see for yourself.

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