Bathrooms made of natural stone – pure, elegant and simply beautiful

Nowadays the bathroom is changing more and more into a spa. Our days start and end in this room. That is the reason why people want this room to be well designed. Natural stone in the bathroom is more than an alternative to other materials and it is extremely versatile – it can be used for stone floors, wall covering, washbasin, bath tub coverings or shower trays. Because of the wide choice of colours and shapes the natural stone offers endless different designs, shapes and styles. When planning the wall covering of your bathroom, the size and shape of it are important. The basic rule here is: the smaller the room, the more finely graduated and smoother the used elements.

Special highlights are the usage of translucent natural stone such as alabaster and onyx which let the light in the room already at a thickness of only 2 centimetres.

Designing and creating a new bathroom will not only give your room a fresh look but it will at the same time be a retreat where you can relax and soothe at the end of the day.

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