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Steps and stairs

Steps and stairs made of natural stone – easy to clean, elegant and resistant

Steps and stairs have a hard life: they have to bear high heels, wet shoe soles, salt and heat. Materials such as wood are very sensitive and therefore often squeak and creak because the material starts to work when it gets into contact with heat, cold and moisture. Stairs and steps made of natural stone can be applied in interior and exterior design as natural stone is a material which is resistant to heat, water, chemicals, scratches and stains. They are resistant to mechanical damage and even strong impacts. What is more, stone stairs and steps are, in contrast to stairs made of wood or steel, long lasting and durable. They guarantee a long life with the right choice of material and quality production.

By a special treatment of the surface, the stone stair can be used for outdoor areas as well. The steps have an anti-slip effect; the surface is easy to clean and stays clean for a long time. Stone stairs look elegant and have an enormous advantage as they are made of one piece only. Therefore they do not have any gaps and cannot let water in.

Stairs made of natural stone are chic and they represent luxury and style. The rich colours allow limitless applications. All natural stone stairs and steps are nature in the essence and therefore individual and unique.

Buy a piece of nature, take your time and see for yourself.

Kitchen worktops

Kitchen worktops made of natural stone – a natural and insusceptible product

Kitchen worktops made of natural stone are the central element in every kitchen and are to be found in almost every kitchen nowadays. Natural stone came into being millions of years ago and it has moved into modern households for quite some time and renders a unique and luxurious charme. The durability and unique style and aesthetics make the worktop definitely an eye catcher in every kitchen. Because of the wide choice of different stones such as granite, marble, quartzite, slate and artificial stone and diverse stone grains and colours we can produce kitchen worktops that are personal and unique and do not resemble any other worktop.

The advantages of worktops made of natural stone are numerous:
» easy to clean
» tough and hardwearing
» provide safe and hygienic surfaces (you can cut fruit and vegetables on the stone worktop)
» durable
» resistant to heat, water, chemicals, scratches, and stains
» moisture resistant
» odourless
» insusceptible

There is no alternative to the best. Come around and see for yourself.

Window sills

Window sills

Window sills made of natural stone are very characterful and decorative. Natural stone window sills can be produced in different shapes. The standard window sill has a thickness of 2 or 3 cm and can be until 3 metres long. The length, thickness, width as well as for instance rounded corners can be adjusted to your special order. We offer a wide choice of natural materials in different colours which will perfectly harmonize with your home for a lifetime.

The advantages of granite window sills:

Interior window sills:
Easy to clean
Match type of equipment of the room

Exterior window sills:
Moisture resistant
Resist damage from sunlight
Require relatively little maintenance
Easy to clean
Attractive price


Natural Stone Floor

Natural Stone Floor – Floor Covering Made Of Nature

The natural stone floor plays an important role in modern interior design, among others because it is a natural constructing material and does not contain detrimental substances. Diverse and almost infinite design options of a natural stone floor reflect the individual style of the client. Because of its naturalness the natural stone floor outlasts every fad. In contrast to our fast moving and artificial world the natural stone provides calmness, reflection and relaxation in private and public rooms. A floor made of natural stone defines the atmosphere and the style of a room. No matter if polished, matt, light, dark, decent or intense colours, intermingled to create sharp contrast or harmonically tone on tone – there are immense possibilities to create a natural stone floor. Thanks to most modern techniques we can fulfill almost every wish concerning colour and structure.
Natural stone floors are resistant, robust, easy-care and energy-efficient. In combination with floor heating lime stone, slate, travertine, quartzite, sandstone and marble can fully bring in their thermal conductivity. Natural stone floors slowly and constantly release the accumulated heat and provide pleasurable radiant heat. By its distinctive design the natural stone also underlines the values of office and residential buildings.
The choice is wide: lime stone, slate, travertine, quartzite, sandstone, granite and marble offer the proper floor coverings for every room.


Bathrooms made of natural stone – pure, elegant and simply beautiful

Nowadays the bathroom is changing more and more into a spa. Our days start and end in this room. That is the reason why people want this room to be well designed. Natural stone in the bathroom is more than an alternative to other materials and it is extremely versatile – it can be used for stone floors, wall covering, washbasin, bath tub coverings or shower trays. Because of the wide choice of colours and shapes the natural stone offers endless different designs, shapes and styles. When planning the wall covering of your bathroom, the size and shape of it are important. The basic rule here is: the smaller the room, the more finely graduated and smoother the used elements.

Special highlights are the usage of translucent natural stone such as alabaster and onyx which let the light in the room already at a thickness of only 2 centimetres.

Designing and creating a new bathroom will not only give your room a fresh look but it will at the same time be a retreat where you can relax and soothe at the end of the day.

Visit us, we will help to make your dreams come true.

Memorials and tombstones

Memorials and tombstones – a sign of rememberance and gratefulness

The grave is the last home for a dear deceased – the memorial is a place of rememberance where we commemorate and honour the dead.

People who have very recently experienced the loss of a loved one often feel overwhelmed and have to restructure and order their own lives. Grieving includes the entire emotional process of coping with a loss and it can last a long time, mostly happening in stages or stages. It is very important to appropriately appraise the beloved and therefore much thought should be taken so that you are pleased with  your choice.

Throughout the last years we have specialized in the productions of memorials and accessories. Personal service has always been very important for our family business, and we individually and sensitively advise you on any special requirements and designs. Furthermore we consult you with the selection of the samples and the material, the arrangement and lettering which will be engraved on the memorial you have chosen. We offer a wide choice of accessories such as crosses, lamps, vases, stoups, madonnas.

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